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Career Opportunities with Digital Marketing in India


Career Opportunities with Digital Marketing

Presently, Digital Marketing is creating its footprint in India. Until 2010, many large or small businesses didn’t take Digital Marketing as an important factor for their Industry. These Industries were not ready to update their Marketing Strategy with Digital Marketing and that’s the main reason they were stuck with the Traditional Marketing. As compared to Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing is tremendously incompetent.

In fact, if you don’t have the knowledge about how you should make the strategy for Digital Marketing as well as what should be the online presence & customers are bound to run away from you & buy it from your opponent. Before the Digital Marketing Revolution, Freelancer and Entrepreneurs were grab the opportunity of first mover advantage. Before 2010, those businesses who give the priority & update yourself with latest tips & tricks of marketing i.e. Digital Marketing. Still, there are some companies, who follows traditional marketing strategy & even they don’t know about what is the role of Digital Marketing for Industry.

skills for digital marketing

key-skills for digital marketing

Everyday Many Companies are waking up with the fact that Digital Marketing is very important & that is not anymore an additional strategy in marketing. This thing is giving a new rise to vast opportunity in Digital Marketing Jobs in the world of Co-operate Sector.

Employment News: According to the Research around 1.5 lacs jobs are predictable to be vacant in India in 2017 in the segment of Internet Marketing. Through this Article, we’ll have a look to the salaries offered for Digital Marketing Professionals & as well as the under the various section of Digital Marketing.



Here’s a list of various Digital Marketing Position available for those who’re seeking to make the career in this section:

*Digital Marketing Manager

* Content Marketing Manager

* Content Writers

*Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialist

* Search Engine Marketer

* Search Engine Optimization Executive/Manager

* Digital Marketing Manager/Head

Salary in Digital Marketing

salary in digital marketing

There are various job-opportunities vacant in Digital marketing if someone wants to work for a particular Brand or Organization. An Average package of Digital Marketing Manager is around INR 412, 739 annually. Most of the people move on to the other Jobs profile in Digital Marketing whether they have an experience of more than 10 years in this profile.

The Experience strongly influences Income for this Job. The maximum paying skills allied with this profession are Strategic Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Design, Google Analytics, and Social Media Optimization.