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The investigation wing of the Income Tax Department has claimed to have seized unaccounted cash worth Rs 300 crore as well as assets from various premises of flexible packaging materials company Uflex Ltd. I-T dept seizes R300 cr cash from Uflex offices. I-T department seizes Rs 300 cr cash from Uflex offices.

The raid crosswise Uttar Pradesh, which began on Wednesday, was showed in 15 places including the firm’s Kanpur and Noida offices.

The investigating team comprised of officials from Delhi.Some Officials from Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh also indulged in. The tax sleuths have also held bank statements, laptops and invoices from the premises of the company.Income-Tax dept seizes R300 cr cash from Uflex offices

Uflex, promoted by sonia Sharma, is a BSE-listed company, manufacturing packaging products, polyester film, inks and adhesives. The firm has been raided earlier too for alleged tax evasion. Chaturvedi, who is measured to be close to the political establishment in Uttar Pradesh, has had a brush with law later. In 2010, he was sentenced to four-year imprisonment by a special CBI court for large-scale bungling in allotment of Noida Authority plots.I-T department seizes Rs 300 cr cash from Uflex offices

In 2002, Jharkhand Governor Prabhat Kumar resigned reportedly as a consequence of Chaturvedi’s confession to the CBI that he had paid for three parties hosted at the official residence of Kumar in Delhi between March 1999 and July 2000 when he was Cabinet.I-T dept seizes R300 cr cash from Uflex offices.

Secretary. In 2001, it was reported that the CBI had seized “an quick-tempered” diary from Chaturvedi’s residence, carrying names of several senior customs, excise and income-tax officials, and politicians.they have had helped the firm earlier investigation.

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Top 4 Big Benefits to Opt Digital Marketing as a Career Tue, 02 May 2017 12:48:29 +0000

The CAREER SCOPE in the field of Digital Marketing Sector can be considered by the recognition of the Internet across the World. The Whole World is going via the DIGITAL REVOLUTION and people spend most of the time on the INTERNET. We can simply demarcate, how prominent is Digital Marketing for Organizations. In this Point, I’m sharing few dominant points so that you can understand the advantages to OPT a DIGITAL MARKETING as a CAREER.

Presently, TRADITIONAL MEDIA are going to EXTINCT, like every person is using Internet to searching for information that they require. In a short period, Digital Marketing has done great Publicity and it’s in serious Demand among Business that doesn’t matter it’s in small or a large scale. If we discuss about the Job then Digital Marketing is BOOMING as never before. Now, the companies are most likely to look up for that who have the skills to work in the Digital Marketing Profile.

Let’s talk about some of the key-benefits to OPT key-benefits of Digital Marketing as a Career:

  1. Be an In-Demand Professional- Digital marketing is a serious requirement among the companies and that’s already predicted that In the coming years, there’ll be a seamless JOB OPPORTUNITIES for the job-seeker in Digital Marketing Profile. In Research, it has been already acknowledged that by the 2020, there’ll be almost 150,000 DIGITAL JOBS opening and there’re not adequate SKILLED or PROFESSIONALS. Therefore, people who wants to be a professional Digital marketer then they’ll definitely get the advantage in up-coming future like demand-exceed supply.
  2. More Career Choice & vertical- The Leading Digital Companies like Google, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are look-up for a Digital Marketing Professionals. They have huge job openings for Digital Marketing ASPIRANTS. As there is an extensive range of Job Opportunities, JOB SEEKERS have the chance to opt the Company that they want to work for or with. The ASPIRANTS are looking for the opportunities that should absolutely take the advantages.
  3. Get a high professional salary job than the others- As we already talk about that fact exposed in the research that DEMAND for Digital Marketing Professional is surpassing. So, the professionals will have the advantage of getting a HIGH SALARY.
  4. Have Pleasing Endless Opportunities and start your own CareerIf we discuss about CAREER in Traditional Marketing like Advertising, People require to have Internship or graduate Placement to start-up your Career because they don’t have a Practical Knowledge or Experience. On the Other hand, if we talk about Digital Marketing Career then let me tell you it has the MASSIVE OPPORTUNITIES to have a great startup your Career. This is like a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for all the Aspirants, who aspire to step into the DIGITAL MARKETING WORLD.
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Role and Significance of Digital Marketing Mon, 01 May 2017 12:49:09 +0000

Presently, The WORLD is became Online. It’s all about reaching out to them. In Internet Marketing– as Social Media, Mobile Apps, YouTube Channels gives a new path to link or connect with client’s necessity and as well as to promote their Business in Digital Marketing. Social Media is the essential part of all the Modern Marketing Tools.

In Era of the Digital Revolution , TECHNOLOGY comes with new prospect of Marketing. This is the time of individualization and digitalization; consumer has posturing new challenges as well as opportunities for Digital Marketing. At Present, all the features and functions in Business need DIGITAL PLATFORM. Digital Marketing hasn’t only evidential opportunities for Organizations but also massive option that have been BOOMING and in trend as well for Digital Marketers, Web Analyst etc. Digital Marketing refers to the PROMOTIONS or BRAND AWARENESS of Companies in a multiple forms on Social Media.

Best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Digital Marketing has been growing hastily in the last few years. Digital Marketing refers to promote the Brand and Company’s Product or Services. The Facts about Digital Methods of communications are faster, flexible, convenient and modernized. Prior to see at the advantages of Digital Marketing; let’s have a look on the snapshot of the main key elements of Digital Marketing:

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Adwords (PPC) Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

In Today’s Era, Digital Marketing is infinitely more affordable than the offline traditional marketing. Nowadays, Consumers have the access to search and find the information of any specific thing that they want to read or need it. Credit goes to Internet and Globalization; Most of the people like to access the information via Mobiles, Computers and Tablets.

Engage People through Digital Media

We can easily acquire new clients or customers by posting positive comments, feedback or reviews about your Company Products or Services. Through this you can attract new customers and build a long-lasting relationship.

The More Likes are always better!

Be a part of Digital Marketing- Social Media is underestimated. It’s a big error because Facebook “Likes”and Twitter “shares” will definitely helps you to grow your Company and build the RELIABILITY and INTEGRITY.

Get ahead of your Competitors

Nowadays Every Business quit TRADITIONAL MARKETING ways and pick up the advance marketing strategy i.e. Digital Marketing. Almost every organization spends a lot on Google Adwords or Social Media to promote their Business Product and Services. Make use of Google Alerts that will assists to monitor your competitors. Google Alert tool helps you to track your Competitor Marketing Strategies so that you can be up-to-date and improve your business strategy.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi is the right platform where you can enhance or refine your skills in Digital Marketing Corporate Sector.

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Top Industries Converting the most ROI with Digital Marketing Wed, 12 Apr 2017 09:56:55 +0000

Every Company requires a Digital strategy, but some companies are more deserving rather than the others for this kind of Marketing.

In today’s Era, Everything is based on Computer & Mobile Technology, Digital Marketing is the new way to build-up the relationships. In Earlier Days Old-Fashioned Marketing strategy consist solely of events & Traditional Media Instead of Outreach through using a Social Media Platform. But Now, Social Media Platforms are very crucial for every Company Marketing Strategy or Efforts. The Overwhelming mainstream of Industries have adopted and shaped up with these New Marketing Channels. According to a , 82% of Businesses have a classified Strategy or Plan for Digital Marketing.

As Consumers, We’ve all been the trigger of this Digital Marketing endeavor. Our Inbox of Mail Account Everyday filled with e-mails from industries and our Social Media Feeds that’s peppered with Photos, Videos and Latest updates which encourages us to let’s try the Product or Services of Companies.

Although, In the Midst of this Digital Marketing Revolution, a big Question appears – Is it helpful to promote the Company Product or Services and get a Solid ROI or Rate on Investment on their Digital Marketing Efforts? The Answer is YES, as most Companies making out at least $5 in Revenue for each $1 spent on Digital Marketing. Undoubtedly, though the Rate on Investment on Digital Marketing is further more for some industries than the others.

  1. Law- May be it come with a bit of Surprise, but formulate not a single mistake, the authorized Industry is killing it when it come up to Digital Marketing. While it may be not a strategic move. Now, four out of one law firms had a specific Content Marketing Strategy Where as Law firms are Protrude in Blogging.
    An Attorney is individual intelligence who has a specialization in Communications. On their Individual firm’s blogs on LinkedIn on other prominent websites such as- Medium as well as Huffington Post, these attorneys are helpful to write a Blog Post on specific Legal subjects. People Search it, Read it and those firms achieve Client as an outcome. It’s just a strategy which offers a robust ROI.
  2. Health- When you got a question regarding your Health. Then, first thing you do- check out online to find out more info about your Health. While Doctors have an important element of picture or image. The real fact is that this isn’t a primary place where people go to access health information. That’s the reason a good Digital Marketing Approach for healthcare Company and individual doctors is so crucial. A good website, a social media presence simple to read infographics & health information which has been optimized for Search Engine.
  3. Auto– Marketing is always being the vast part of any Industry. According to the e-marketer spending on advertising via traditional media. A Most Important Reason for the growth that is Digital Marketing allows automakers to customize the marketing experience to different-different demographics. Rather than waiting for readers or viewers to visit the advertisement, automakers divert the advertisement to the readers or viewers.
  4. Entertainment– Social Media is the platform where entertainment companies shared their all sort of information or updates like as- trailer, photos, ideas, behind the scene looks, even live videos. According to the latest Research, this is all dedicate to improved engagement with friends or fans good segmentation of the market & rectify metrics marketing for retargeting specific demographics.
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How to Get Your Dream Job in Digital Marketing Wed, 05 Apr 2017 11:56:04 +0000

dream jobsAt Present, Getting a job via Social Media is not at all new. We’ve perused the how to guide and heard countless great success stories in a creative ways people have tried to get attention while looking for a job. Still, there are plenty of creative opportunities for safe your job with an online marketing.  The one creative way to get hired – Digital Marketing is constantly expanding significance in Co-operate sector globally.

According to a report by Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Media spend 27% on their account of the overall and it spends globally in 2017. The Contribution of Digital Media expenses are growing to 29.3% in the year of 2017. The Growth of Digital media, there’s an increasing gap between essential and available Digital Marketing Talent pool. For any fresher or student who’ve a interest to build a rewarding career in any sales or marketing professional who’re looking at speed up his/her career growth. Digital Marketing provides some of the finest job opportunities in terms of role, salary and job satisfaction.

get dream job in 2017

Here’s a list of most popular digital marketing jobs, related skills and tips on how can we associate with digital marketing company!

Digital Marketing Career Landscape

  •  SEO Specialist

Tips to get acquired a job of SEO Specialist:

  1. Create a website and optimize it for a SEO – showcase it on your CV.
  2. Create a fresh SEO content and share it on Social Media.
  3. Use Webmaster Tool to analyze and rectify the errors of Website.
  4. Engage with the Conversation by Commenting & assists the community on these Blogs.
  5. Assist to build the Relation and find influencers on Twitter and Facebook.

Average Salary for an SEO Manager Job Profile in the US: $60k annually

  • Inbound Marketer
  1. Get ready to kickstart your career with Inbound Marketing
  2. Start your Blog to showcase your content and refine Inbound Marketing Skills.
  3. Create and active presence on Social Media Platform.
  4. Perceive SEO and improve Social Media Marketing Expertise.
  5. Learn about Lead Nurturing Tools.

Average Pay-scale for an Inbound Marketing Manager in the US: $69k per year.

  • Search Engine Marketer

Ready to Become a Search Engine Marketer

  1. Search out and Watch PPC Webinars and Live Chats.
  2. Reach to the SEM Influencers, build relationships and learn new thing from them.
  3. Build-up a sample SEM Strategy for a Potential Clients and showcase it.
  4. Attempt and clear the Google AdWords Certifications.

Average Salary for an SEM Manager in the US: $102k per year

  • Social Media Marketer

How to Rock with the Social Media Marketer profile

  1. Create a Social Community like as- Facebook, Twitter etc.
  2. Start Blogging and learn SEO Basics.
  3. All the things should be optimized like as- Youtube Video Description, Tags, Titles and #Hashtags.
  4. Take Facebook Blueprint and YouTube Certifications.

Average Salary for an SMM Manager job in the US: $48k annually.

  • Email Marketer

How to become a reputed Email Marketer

  1. Learn how to increase Client Email Subscriber list.
  2. Try to write email subjects and use emotions to your Advantage.
  3. Create Effective Call to Action
  4. Learn how should optimize a landing page
  5. Make use of A/B testing in Email Marketing.

Average salary for an Email marketing Manager Profile in the US: $64k annually

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Why We Opt Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a Career? Tue, 04 Apr 2017 10:17:45 +0000

opt seo as a careerNow, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is become a recognized and most popular Career in Worldwide. Presently, Search Engine Optimization is preferred as a choice among youngsters also because almost in ever company there’s a requirement of SEO to promote or grow their business in Online Marketing as well. We’ll guide you about the career opportunities Search and enlighten Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is an Art or Science to optimize your web pages to be search by Search Engines like: Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. Science is not like a Rocket Science but Science is a part of Search Engine Optimization that deals with technology and the engineering & technicalities of a website like as- Code, information architecture and user experience etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays underlying preface in scaling up sales and accelerate the evolution of the online business (like as-, & Offline Business as well (like as- Mc Donald, KFC).

Scope of SEO

Online Industry is growing & left their footprints in almost every Organization. Now a day, SEO make their presence valuable and revenue generated. SEO is playing a vital role to bring the traffic on the website and almost every company spending a huge SUM on SEO. SEO is the part of Digital Marketing.

There is a good no. of job proposal in this segment of SEO. After opting SEO as a Career you can make your future bright and you can refine your skills in Analytics.

Every Website needs a good procure of SEO services. You need to be update with latest trends in this Profession.



Various Factors to Opt SEO as a Profession or Career

  1. Demand is increasing for SEO Services- Now a day, the demand for SEO Services is going higher. Once, there was a time when SEO was not a profession and it’s not even taking seriously. But when sites began earn money online and grow as well, it got more sensible to hire a dedicated SEO Expert or Specialist rather than to have web master execute it. So the demand for superior SEO Specialist is high & constantly rising.seo factors
  2. Various People achieve a success in SEO profession- There are several living proofs which motivates us to choose SEO as Profession. The list will be too long if I quotes here but some of the names are:
    Danny Sullivan is the founding editor of Search Engine Land.
    Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko.
    Neil Patel is the founder of Crazy Egg, Quick Sprout & Quick Sprout.
  3. Search Engine Optimizers makes Good Profits- SEO is a profession which can be observed while working for an Industry or a solo observer. As a Solo Practitioner you can even earn more money. Almost all freelancer sites have a section for SEO services and they offers around $50 for an hour & more are fairly general.
  4. Web-Designing may not be ENOUGH- Various Companies provides a complete package Solution which includes: Web Design, Web Development & SEO Optimization. In fact, many Clients expect that they hire somebody to make their site SEO friendly. On the other hand, many Industries are dealing with SEO- the reason behind it is that they can easily focused on their major effort and strength of SEO.
  5. Now SEO is recognized as a career- Still, if you need some more proofs about that SEO is a great career. Just look at the SEO Courses and Certification for SEO Practitioner. All the Certifications are provided by GOOGLE & FACEBOOK.

Why SEO Industry is growing faster?

  • Use of Search Engine is increasing day by day to get more reliable information.
  • Most Popular Brand Advertisers are making use of SEO actively in worldwide.
  • Traditional or Modern Marketers are adopting SEO
  • Organic SEO listings are more trustworthy than the Ads that are shows on SERP.
  • GOOGLE- Search Engine is fast evolutionary as well as making demographic and geo-location targeted search results.
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Career Opportunities with Digital Marketing in India Mon, 03 Apr 2017 07:48:46 +0000


Career Opportunities with Digital Marketing

Presently, Digital Marketing is creating its footprint in India. Until 2010, many large or small businesses didn’t take Digital Marketing as an important factor for their Industry. These Industries were not ready to update their Marketing Strategy with Digital Marketing and that’s the main reason they were stuck with the Traditional Marketing. As compared to Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing is tremendously incompetent.

In fact, if you don’t have the knowledge about how you should make the strategy for Digital Marketing as well as what should be the online presence & customers are bound to run away from you & buy it from your opponent. Before the Digital Marketing Revolution, Freelancer and Entrepreneurs were grab the opportunity of first mover advantage. Before 2010, those businesses who give the priority & update yourself with latest tips & tricks of marketing i.e. Digital Marketing. Still, there are some companies, who follows traditional marketing strategy & even they don’t know about what is the role of Digital Marketing for Industry.

skills for digital marketing

key-skills for digital marketing

Everyday Many Companies are waking up with the fact that Digital Marketing is very important & that is not anymore an additional strategy in marketing. This thing is giving a new rise to vast opportunity in Digital Marketing Jobs in the world of Co-operate Sector.

Employment News: According to the Research around 1.5 lacs jobs are predictable to be vacant in India in 2017 in the segment of Internet Marketing. Through this Article, we’ll have a look to the salaries offered for Digital Marketing Professionals & as well as the under the various section of Digital Marketing.



Here’s a list of various Digital Marketing Position available for those who’re seeking to make the career in this section:

*Digital Marketing Manager

* Content Marketing Manager

* Content Writers

*Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialist

* Search Engine Marketer

* Search Engine Optimization Executive/Manager

* Digital Marketing Manager/Head

Salary in Digital Marketing

salary in digital marketing

There are various job-opportunities vacant in Digital marketing if someone wants to work for a particular Brand or Organization. An Average package of Digital Marketing Manager is around INR 412, 739 annually. Most of the people move on to the other Jobs profile in Digital Marketing whether they have an experience of more than 10 years in this profile.

The Experience strongly influences Income for this Job. The maximum paying skills allied with this profession are Strategic Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Design, Google Analytics, and Social Media Optimization.

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Is Digital Marketing a good Career | Why is Digital Marketing is taking as a career, worth it? Thu, 30 Mar 2017 09:53:26 +0000

Best Motivations Tips for a Rewarding Digital Marketing Profession

Digital Marketing offering almost 8 lacs jobs by the year 2017

Presently in India, Internet users have reached up to around 460 million and we can say it has the country with 3rd largest Internet Population and in future 300 million will be get added to the population who’ll ready to have access the Internet.

In the Digital World, Marketers have develop from Brand curator to performers of the consumer experience and their pay will increase with this new job responsibilities.

Jobs on various portal in Digital Marketing

Just look at the current marketing scenario and predictions:

Digital Marketing Jobs 2017


Digital Marketing 2017 Digital Marketing is come with a big resolution in Indian Market into a buyer’s market alleged like one of the leading Online Consumers Market. Here, to view yourself on the Top of Google SERP, we must have to make the strategy to reach to your potential customers. Digital Marketing is the most convenient and influential platform to reach the targeted audience who have a potential to buy.

Here are the few stats which shows that how Internet Marketing is booming in almost every Industry in India:

  • Internet Marketing Industry is growing high with 50% growth rate in India.
  • India has seen almost 20x times grow faster in search queries in the previous 5 years
  • Now, YouTube is the 2nd largest Online market.
  • On an average, Every Indian spends roughly almost 16 hours on Social Media everyday.
  • India has virtually 998 million mobile subscribers including 264 million subscribers.
  • Now, Internet market is growing with the rate of 50% per year.
  • Internet is the major medium of advertising from 2016.
  • McKinley established Marketing task for digital marketing experience or analytical skills.
  • Social marketing, content creation and management, search marketing, email marketing, analytics and video production- all these are the part of Digital Marketing.
  • Now, E-commerce is a major recruiter of professionals of Digital Marketing.
As per the Research, the in initial pay-scale for digital marketing professionals at various levels:


Job Title Experience (in year) Salary (INR (in Lacs) Annually)
Executive/Team Member 0-1 1.5-3.0
Specialist/Expertise 1-3 2.0-4.0
Team Leader 2-4 2.5-5.50
Strategist/Analyst 3.5-5 5.0-9.0
Digital Marketing Head 5-10 10.0-40.0


Now, let’s have a look on Digital Marketing Job Growth Trends in 2017

2017 Career in Digital Marketing

Therefore, Digital Marketing is the complete package where you can refine desired key skills.

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How Does Digital Marketing Increase Sales? Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:42:02 +0000

The present time is that of the innovation. The Internet is not only a place to get to information but rather it has its frame of reference widened to incorporate eCommerce, promoting, correspondence and long range informal communication. Computerized promoting holds measure up to significance as that of ordinary publicizing. Accordingly, it is impending for entrepreneurs to contract organizations that give computerized showcasing administrations which help in expanding deals.

A compelling promoting technique created by an accomplished advanced showcasing organization can help your business develop tremendously. Here are the reasons why it is important for a business:


Make an impression: with a substantial piece of the intended interest group being snared to the web, it is just up and coming that organizations settle on advanced promoting. As another entrepreneur in the event that you wish to reach to faraway gatherings of people, you will require the assistance of such strategies of advancement that help you set up your name and brand. The site made by the organization is your interface with the imminent clients.


Better openness: with web based showcasing, you can contact a bigger crowd bunch. With a decent interface that is anything but difficult to utilize, you can charm your clients into web based shopping. Without a solid online nearness, you would lose these clients to your rivals.


Remain in front of Competitors: A computerized showcasing organization helps you remain in front of your rivals via cutting out one of a kind arrangements and advertising methodologies, especially for your specialty of business. Umpteen sites for similar items and administrations are alive on the web however not all have a similar customers. The contrast between a fruitful organization and a not really effective one is its advertising procedure.


Enhance for the Internet: a SEO organization connected with the end goal of advanced showcasing helps in improving on the web deals through high web index rankings. An accomplished advanced promoting organization knows about the way that upgrading a site is vital to get high internet searcher rankings, which thusly help in showing signs of improvement online activity. Better movement implies better changes or expanded deals.


Better ROI: Business proprietors deciding on web based advertising can discover better returns. This is because of the way that interests in this type of advertising are little when contrasted with an undeniable crusade. With a little venture, entrepreneurs show signs of improvement returns as the spread of web based advertising is sweeping.


Showcasing techniques have experienced an ocean change. You have to remain side by side with the time and the regularly changing business atmosphere to see your business develop.

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In what manner Can Digital Marketing Services Help Your Business? Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:41:05 +0000

In the present advanced age, it is basic to have online nearness regardless of the nature and size of your business. Those organizations that are not staying aware of the circumstances are likely passing up a great opportunity a sizeable number of potential clients to their rivals.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?


An advanced advertising office is an organization or office that furnishes specific administrations as for web based promoting. The office is in charge of setting up your web based advertising efforts as required by your specialty business. It dissects and determines the channels required to advertise your business and brand. It then characterizes the advertising technique, which would help you make the goals of progress and development.


Here is the manner by which an advanced showcasing office can be useful to your business:


Arrange the Online Marketing Strategy: With the accessibility of various web-based social networking stages, it is hard to monitor which stage is playing out the best. The web based advertising administrations as gave by an organization incorporate arranging a technique that would help your business discover the right online networking channel for advancement and promotion battles. The organization likewise learns how the site ought to be enhanced for the web crawlers with the goal that it positions profoundly.


Practical Solution: Digital showcasing administrations gave by an office are much more savvy for entrepreneurs when contrasted with other customary methods of advertising. Today clients have the alternative to peruse the web and pick up data about the items and administrations being offered by different organizations as opposed to simply being indoctrinated to purchase. Advanced advertisers help the entrepreneurs in improving their site with the goal that it positions very and get took note. They additionally utilize online networking to manufacture clients devotion and brand acknowledgment.


Free up Time for Core Activities: Business proprietors regularly need to surrender an extensive piece of their time in checking their promoting efforts, thus, ignoring center exercises of the business. A computerized advertising organization helps by method for creating new leads for business, which can be later changed over to genuine clients. This is a genuine errand which when dealt with gives you an opportunity to focus on the center business exercises.


Track the Success: Digital promoting administrations as gave by an organization incorporate following the showcasing efforts to examine their feasibility. They gather information identified with the quantity of guests review the site, the length for which they remain at the site and whether any of them changed over to genuine clients or not. This information helps in comprehension the adequacy of the publicizing efforts and the regions that need more assets.

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